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What is low VOC epoxy and why does it matter?

Updated: Feb 13

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are substances that evaporate at room temperature mostly during the curing process. These can be found in hardwood flooring finishes and epoxy flooring products among other things. Most entry to mid level Epoxy resins have high levels of VOCs. Due to affordability, many contractors and flooring specialists will use products with higher levels of VOCs.

High volumes of VOCs can be harmful, irritating eyes, causing headaches, and driving you out of the house for a few days during the curing process. Some studies show that even after years, products containing high levels of VOCs continue to evaporate throughout their life span, polluting the quality of indoor air. FERNWOOD WNC chooses to use high quality epoxy products with low or even zero VOCs.

For more information about the dangers of VOCs please visit the EPA site at:

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