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What is 100% solids Epoxy?

Updated: Apr 15

At FERNWOOD WNC we use 100% solids epoxy. Why is this so important and why does it matter? When shopping for epoxy you will want to look for a high solids content. With high quality epoxy products this can be found on a technical data sheet provided by the manufacturer.

At 100% solids content, once the epoxy is applied and rolled out on a surface, it will dry at the thickness that it was applied. At 75% solids content a quarter of applied epoxy will evaporate. This amount that will evaporate is called "carrier". At 50% solids content half the thickness of the product will evaporate during the curing process leaving an overall thinner product. Sometimes this is referred to as wet film thickness (WFT) & dry film thickness (DFT).

This information usually isn't listed with most paint-based epoxies from your local hardware and paint stores. Often times, once these types of epoxies are dry, all that you may be left with is a coating as thick as a coat of paint!

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