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How to prolong the life span of my hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor installation in Hickory, N.C.

At some point your hardwood flooring will need rejuvenation. By properly maintaining your floors you can prolong that inconvenient time when a refinishing project must begin. Read on for a few tips.

Go shoeless indoors. Try a shoe closet near the front door and encourage family and guests to remove their shoes at the door. Provide slippers for our sockless friends :)

Spa Dog. If pets are a part of your household, be sure to keep those nails trimmed (a Dremel is even better) If they allow, you could even try doggie socks!

Spills. Any water or liquid sitting on your floors too long will cause damage. Be sure to clean up spills right away. Whether it be dog drool, water splashing out of the water bowl, or even crushed ice from your refrigerator it is imperative to wipe it up asap.

Floor cleaners. The type of floor cleaner you use plays an important part in prolonging the finish on your hardwood floors. Make sure to check out our other post for the best flooring cleaner, click here.

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