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Hardwood Flooring Curing Process

"Why do we have to wait a week before moving furniture back into our home when the floors are already dry to the touch?"

Curing is when gases evaporate and polyurethane slowly bonds with the floor and hardens completely. The curing process starts after the polyurethane is applied. A water-based polyurethane typically fully cures after 5 days. Curing times can vary depending on the finish itself and are calculated at 68-70 degrees and roughly 50% relative humidity.

The finish can be easily scratched during this time, therefore it is critical to avoid high traffic. If you absolutely have to be in the house we recommend walking on the floors with socks only (no bare feet or shoes) and try not to stand in one place for too long.

The floor needs to be able to breath, the gases need to evaporate, and nothing should be placed on the floor that could potentially stick to it. For these reasons, placing plastic, area rugs, or protective paper is strongly discouraged. Animals should be kept off the floors during this time as well. When moving furniture back inside we recommend a rubber inflatable wheel dolly so the floors won't get dented or scuffed.

At FERNWOOD WNC we recommend waiting between 6 to 7 days before resuming normal traffic and moving furniture inside.

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