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Solid Color

Solid color epoxy is a single color of your choice.

The price of epoxy products can quickly add up. Even though there are cheaper options on the market, they often time come with disadvantages. These disadvantages include high contents of VOC's (strong odors), less solids content (imagine paint instead of resin), as well as the overall strength of the epoxy (tested against harsh chemicals/amount of pressure before cracking.) We aim to use only high quality epoxy resins.

Our goal is to make high quality epoxy accessible to everyone. In order to have a lower cost option slightly less epoxy per sq. ft. can be applied.

Option A is the standard version which is applied at roughly 45 sq. ft. per gallon. We recommend this option because it's a thick product.

Option B is a thinner version which is applied at roughly 60 sq. ft. per gallon.

The pricing on a one car garage might not show a drastic price difference, but as the square footage increases you will see more and more difference in pricing between option A and B.

With this in mind please look at all the color options below.

Epoxy color options, version 1.0
Download PDF • 556KB
Epoxy color options, version 2.0
Download PDF • 111KB

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