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Clear Coat Sealer

Clear coat is perfect for that modern industrial style.  

Many homeowners prefer the look of a clear coat over concrete. For this style the floors must be cleaned of chemicals and debri. The surface must be prepped and the sealer applied directly to the current flooring. If the concrete slab is not currently sealed you have 2 clear coat options, option "A" and option "B". Let's compare option A with option B:

Option "A" is a water based product with Low to Zero VOC's.

It is a good choice for those who are looking for an invisible concrete sealer that is not high gloss and preserves the original appereance of the concrete. Option A is very durable and is water, salt, and oil repellent. This product cannot be applied over a slab that is currently sealed or has more than 4% moisture content.

Option "B" is a solvent based product which means it has higher VOC's than option A. It has the option of high-gloss, semi gloss, satin, or matte finishes. This product can bond to almost anything, including previously sealed slabs without the need to diamond grind the surface.

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