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Fern Leaves

& Epoxy Flooring

Family owned and operated, located within Nature’s Playground (Morganton, NC:)

Serving: Blowing Rock, Boone, Hickory, Lake James, Marion and more.

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Hardwood Floor


     We believe that every house has potential, it doesn’t matter the location, age, size, or shape. Hardwood & Epoxy flooring is an art form. It adds character to your home whether that be luxurious, charming, rustic, even simple or minimalistic. The choice is yours; you design the aesthetic and we’ll create it. Love where you live! 
Using state of the art equipment and products that you can’t find at your local hardware store, FERNWOOD WNC will help your home reach it’s full potential.

Prime Location

We are located in the Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Morganton N.C.

If you are looking for hardwood flooring services or a residential and commercial epoxy flooring company call us to schedule a free estimate.

Our location gives us easy accessibility to service Lake James, Marion, Boone, Blowing Rock, Lenoir, Hickory and everywhere in between. 

Low to Zero VOC's 

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's are substances that evaporate at room temperature. These can be found in hardwood flooring finishes and epoxy flooring products among other things. Higher volumes of VOC's can be harmful, irritate eyes, and give you headaches. Thanks to newer products like Water Based epoxy and finishes, the VOC content is drastically lower and less harmful. As a hardwood and epoxy flooring company we aim to use products with low VOC's. 

Quick, Detailed Estimates

We know that as a home owner working on a project or a busy contractor working on multiple projects you need quick and detailed estimates. 

Most of our estimates are sent within a matter of days or even the same day in some cases. 

Every estimate is detailed and transparent. You should know how much you are paying for materials, labor, shipping, etc. We also attach general information you need prior to beginning a flooring project.

Dustless Prepping 

Whether it's a hardwood floor refinishing service or an epoxy flooring project, all of our preparation consists of dust-less procedures.

We hook everything to vacuums or, in some cases, our equipment comes with a dust bag to ensure the safety of your household and minimize the clean up at the end of each project. 


Please fill out this form so we can set up an appointment, go over details, and talk about your timeline. If you prefer, you could send us an email or give us a call. 

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