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How much epoxy per sq. ft.?

Updated: Mar 18

It is very important to take note of the amount of epoxy that is designed to be applied per square foot. A good rule of thumb is the thicker, the better. When more product is applied on a smaller space it will give a thicker finished product, especially when the epoxy is 100% solids. However, it's not as simple as buying extra product and applying more. When you apply a thicker version of epoxy that was originally designed to fill a particular amount of space, the epoxy might not harden completely. Always follow the manufacturers recommended coverage per gallon.

To discuss the amount of epoxy needed per sq. ft. let's use an example of a double car garage that is 550 square feet. Most entry level epoxies require 3 gallons of epoxy for a double car garage covering roughly 180 sq. ft. per gallon. A mid level epoxy would require approximately 5 gallons of epoxy covering roughly 110 sq. ft. per gallon.

At FERNWOOD WNC we believe that it can be better, way better, we decided to apply epoxy the truly industrial way!

Our option A is the standard version (following the manufacturers recommended coverage) which is applied at roughly 45 sq. ft. per gallon. So if a double car garage is 550 sq. ft. that means that we would need a total of 12 gallons of epoxy resin.

Our option B is a thinner version (not following the manufacturers recommended coverage) which is applied at roughly 60 sq. ft. per gallon. It's still a total of 9 gallons of epoxy product on a 550 sq. ft. area. We came up with this option as a lower cost option. Option B is comparable to the midlevel epoxy pricing but with 4 extra gallons of 100% solids epoxy applied!

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